Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Adventures in the Temporary

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In my absence during Burning Man and some hardcore hours on 2 side projects that followed, I neglected to note a great piece that Allison Arieff wrote on The Atlantic's Cities Blog titled "Temporary is the New Permanent". In it she mentions some of the constraints of the traditional urban development practice which often forces a certain creativity from those who chose to work around the system. She lists several including 2 that I'm a big fan of, San Francisco's Walklets and the new Proxy site as well a some neighborhoods creatively interpreting local codes to work around some of the absurdities of the pace and formality of local codes.
Best of all she quotes the NPD post about Berlin's Tempelhof Airport from this summer as an example of a non-programmed space being the best solutions for some situations.

I'm always looking for more references to new thinking about temporality and shifting ways of engaging the city, so please pass them along!

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