Monday, July 4, 2011

An Eddy in the Flow

Whenever I mention to people that I grew up in Charlotte, it's funny how often people say, "oh, that's the airport with the rocking chairs in it. There's something simple and charming in a locally relevant way, that makes this a distinct moment among an otherwise mind-numbingly dull and generic public space typology, the airport terminal.

Rocking chairs are designed for leisurely relaxation, and as I sit here now writing this post, with free WiFi, an AC outlet clode by, it really sites make the perfect pause in travel. With a ficus tree to either side, two people movers behind me and a major corridor of fast moving travelers in front of me, it's as if the pair of chairs we're sitting in is an eddy behind a rock in the river.

The airport is really generous for offering the rocking chairs for everyone to enjoy, and judging by their popularity you would think other airports would follow by giving people individual moments to rest. If not with rocking chairs, some locally relevant place to pause.