Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Air Tags Everywhere

Air tags are all around us and we don't even know it! I downloaded the Sekai Camera and Layar apps today (both available for iOS and Android) and I was shocked to see how many things have already been air tagged around our Palo Alto office. Various business calling cards, location based tweets from individuals, facebook photos, are all now visible
While it is still a bit wonky, it definitely shows the potential of having all of this information tagged so that it becomes more relevant in the moment, in the place. But it immediately begs the question of whether holding a small -and relatively heavy- screen is the appropriate form factor to experience this information. Yes, the AR glasses are a form factor that have their own detractions, but you can easily see that this is where we are headed.

As we continue to explore ways that real life and virtual life merge, we can now see the location-based information that has in some way been, at least figuratively, hovering around the reality we occupy for some time. How will our physical environment be altered to except this layer of metadata? Before long we will be able to map Wikipedia onto the world that it attempts to cumulatively explain. We will create alternate and distorted versions of the reality we live in and we will create gaming experiences within our daily lives (tomorrow I'm going to give Sekai Apps a try).

Thanks to Kenichi Nonomura and Soramist Chintanamanus for turning me on to these AR apps!

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