Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Difference Four Years Has Made

This isn't necessarily a gadget blog, but given how much the mobile devices we carry with us are rapidly transforming how we engage with public space and one another, I thought I'd take a minute to share an example of the speed at which this transformation is taking place.

Above is a picture of my current smartphone an HTC HD2, left, and one I had 4 years ago the Samsung Blackjack. I found the old one while cleaning out some boxes and was amazed that it still turned on!
Here's what is impressive about the accelerating development of these mini computers we carry with us:

The screen:
HD2: 8.29 sq in.
Blackjack: 2.49 sq in
That's an increase of 333%

The processor:
HD2: 1 GHz processor
Blackjack: 220 MHz
That's an increase of 455%

The RAM:
HD2: 512 Mb
Blackjack: 64 Mb
That's an increase of 800%!

Having just seen the Ray Kurzweil documentary, Transcendental Man, I have been pondering the equally exciting and terrifying role the ever accelerating pace of technological advancement will effect our lives in the coming years. But it's interesting to look back just 4 short years and see how far we come. I can't imagine what my life would be like without my smartphone now, and yet I very easily got by with a phone that was barely good at email back then. In 4 years I will have to right another post to see where my mobile device will be then. We can only imagine what amazing machines I will write it from.

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