Friday, June 24, 2011

The Swimming Hole Surrounding the City

The +Pool, the work of PlayLab Inc., is an effort to create a floating pool that in the rivers around New York City, reactivating a Past New York summer tradition in a space that is for everyone, but has been for too long overpolluted. Check out there Kickstarter.
It's intriguing to see a project that enables the act of reoccupying a space that was made inhospitable can itself be an act of renewal through the filtration of the water that passes through the pool membrane while the pool is inhabited. At the rate they're going with crowdsourcing funds —it's proof that the people want this to happen— this very well may come to life!
PlayLab has several thought-provoking, playful projects on their site with a focus on the public good that hovers between the practice of architectural, interaction, and urban design. They're the friendly kind of subversive provocations.