Friday, June 10, 2011

Impromptu Pubic Gathering

I'm writing from the Admiral-Brucke in Berlin, fascinated by the fact that it's still very much light outside at 9pm and by the gathering of people on this bridge. Besides the fact that these types of gatherings almost never happen in US streets (probably because we can't drink outside of bars and homes) these types of public gatherings are fascinating. How did they get established? How did the largely post-college crowd gathered around me choose this spot while the mostly teen crowd choose the shore of the canal down the steet? It's always fascinating to watch as the individual groups thrive on being near one another but never interact. Despite the fact that cars occasionally role over the cobble stone on either side of the crowd, no one seems to mind. It only took a few rows of stone seat bollards to make this an ideal spot to spend a chill evening.

Location : Admiralstra├če 20, 10999 Berlin,
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