Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reoccupying the Towers: Art Galleries Above The Street

My brother and I were biking from my house past the US Bank building on 22nd and Mission and I noticed some Tiki torches on the balcony level and what appeared to be an open aluminum and glass garage door inside a brightly lit space. This building looks to be half empty even in the daytime, but it would be a surprise to see something going on their on a Saturday night. As we turned the corner we saw a sign on an 8.5" x 11" taped to the lobby door that invited everyone up to the Wix gallery, when we got up there this is what we saw:

I love the notion that something like a small art gallery could potentially thrive above the street level in an underutilized office building. What if in the not so distant future, entire buildings were abandoned by their major tenants who moved out to the suburbs, found cheaper leases or went our of business, and in their absence the buildings became a collective of small businesses, organizations, artists and individuals who still valued the density of a vertical urban space. Perhaps just as the glowing gallery above us drew our attention to Wix, the facades of these buildings would be cluttered with a wild array of different signages and lights that remind us they are up there.

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