Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Benches Against Sit-Lie Ordinance


I've mentioned before the absurdity of the sit-lie ordinance that was passed here in San Francisco last year. I love these benches which have been popping up around town. They appear to built from palettes and as Andrew Price of GOOD.IS points out, they "cleverly highlight the absurdity of trying to deal with homelessness and poverty by making it illegal to sit on the sidewalk. After all, if sitting on the sidewalk was really the problem, the solution would be to give people benches, not tickets."

Like SF's Pavement to Parks, Friends of the Urban Forest, guerilla knitting and the myriad other projects and initiatives I've mentioned here, this is further evidence of our new found permission to take possession of the sidewalk as public domain, and in this case, are willing to speak out against a government that is taking that away from us.

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