Monday, January 10, 2011

The Accelerating Pace of Reaching the Audience

I obviously haven't written much as I have been feverishly getting set up with PERF Apparel!

But the whole experience of launching this has given me a new appreciation for the pace by which the online world allows me to reach a targeted audience. If I were to have opened a shop selling these shirts in 1989 it would have taken me weeks and tons of expensive marketing, but today after a few days of work and some hosting fees, I reached an audience of 9000 in 3 days! A link to my site was posted on and within days several other blogs were posting as well.

All that being said, the physical world version of retail does have it's edge as I have been answering a lot of emailed questions and strategizing how to refine the pitch to be as clear as possible when you can't more easily understand the shirts by experiencing them in person. If only there was a retail space that had the speed of online, and the tangible of In Real Life..

And watch it go:

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