Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wall Street Bull Crocheted All Over: Public Art Without Permission

A photo from Marina Galperina's post on Animal New York.

I have mentioned previously how the guerilla crocheting movement and guerilla art in general as an example of a new sense of ownership of the streetscape and public spaces in our cities which is fueled by the ease with which we can now own and personalize online spaces.

A couple of days ago New Yorkers were surprised to find Wall Street's Charging Bull sculpture completely covered in a fitted crocheted outfit!

According to Animal New York, the work was created by Agata Olek who has taken the guerilla crocheting action to a whole other level! According to Animal New York, Olek did the work as an homage to the original installation of the Charging Bull by Arturo di Modica in 1989. The Charging Bull's wiki site tells the story of the sculptures guerilla art installation. di Modica installed the piece in front of the Stock Exchange without permission from the city as an ode to the "strength and power of the American people" after the stock market crash in '87. The police impounded the sculpture and there was a huge public outcry. It was then permanently relocated at it's current location.

While Olek's piece was only briefly in place and di Modica's work nearly didn't survive, The Charging Bull and it's new attire both are a testament to the power of creative ownership of public space and the potential of individuals who chose to gift their craft to their fellow citizens.


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