Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Marketplace for Experiences

Another variation on the collaborative consumption kick is Skyara, an online marketplace that allows anyone to share/sell unique experiences. Some of the unique engagements featured on the site include: Having tea with entrepreneur Ron Conway and MC Hammer (free), skeet shooting with the founder of MySpace (free), and a lot of wine country tours (~$150). And there is a link to request experiences you are interested, keeping the conversation between those who buy and those who sell alive and kicking.

What will be next in these online collaborative platforms? Sharing software (I need an AutoCAD license for 2 months)? Sharing expensive but infrequently used items (I need a large crystal punch bowl for the weekend). Sharing venues (where am I going to host a party for 300 peeps!). Sharing artwork (I need an original Banksy print to impress, but next month I'll probably get tired of it and want something else.)

The possibilities are endless...