Monday, November 8, 2010

Friends of the Urban Forest

My next door neighbors just had a tree planted in the sidewalk in front of their house by the Friends of the Urban Forest. It was exciting to see the little project evolve over the last few weeks.

FUF is just one more bright spot in the ever increasing movement to take a collective ownership of our public right-of-ways through individual action.

According to their website FUF's mission is "To promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem, through community planting, maintenance, education and advocacy. Friends of the Urban Forest is a non-profit committed to the belief that trees are a critical element of a livable urban environment."

The process to plant a tree on your own is pretty simple, and the one permit required from the city seems to be a relatively small obstacle to allowing individuals the opportunity to redefine the boundary between their home and the community around it.


And After:


  1. The simplest and cheapest way for San Franciscans to get street trees in front of their properties is to sign up for one of our neighborhood tree plantings (see Once enough people in your neighborhood sign up, we schedule the planting. For $75 you get everything -- the tree (we'll help you select a species that will thrive in your location), concrete cutting and removal, the permit, the hole digging, the planting, and three years of follow-up tree care visits. The actual costs are in the hundreds of dollars but thanks to grants and donations we can subsidize most of it. Thank you for helping us spread the word!