Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tire Shop = Night Club

The first in a series of posts from Brazil!

This tire repair shop doesn't look like much from the street late at night, but after hours it transforms into a night club known by the creative name Borracharia, tire repair shop.

It was featured in the NYTimes "36Hours in Salvador, Brazil"

It's a superb example of taking advantage of an underutilized space by combining two synchronous programs that can communally coexist. At 11:30pm we were obviously there a little on the early side by Brazilian standards as you can see from the small crowd. But what a great atmosphere to have a caipirinha while listening to Bahian DJs amidst stacks of vulcanized rubber. It's no grittier than a lot of clubs I've been to, has the same lighting. Mechanic shops all over Salvador are blasting Brazilian funk after dark as this unique spatial duality takes hold.

I'm reminded of an example of synchronous programming in San Francisco. A hookah bar on 16th St., Maroc, takes over the Pork Store, a brunch restaurant which occupies a double-wide storefront next door. By connecting through to the empty restaurant, Maroc makes a synchronous use of a space that would sit vacant for hours until dawn. All it takes is a little change in lighting and the casual breakfast joint becomes an overflow for the popular night spot. It's not as extreme as tire-shop-meets-night-club, but then San Francisco isn't Salvador either. If San Francisco had drinking hours until dawn, you could stay for a ceremonious conversion, putting away the booze and hookah to make way for a greasy hangover-avoidance breakfast.


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