Thursday, August 26, 2010

Table On Cables

I love this suspended table! A perfect solution for flexibility in an urban home. My fellow Burning Man campmate, Jean-Francois Gauthier built it in his dining room and used it in all its glory when he hosted us for our final meeting before the big event. It's an elegant and easy to use solution to the need for three different modes in an urban home: standard seated dining (with none of those pesky legs to get in the way!), japanese (low-to-the-floor) dining, and completely out of the way (on the ceiling). Jean-Francois hoisted the table complete with all of our potluck crockery with just a few cranks of a winch mounted on the wall nearby. And voila! The seating area for our Burning Man meeting doubled in size to allow some 30+ people to gather round.

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